Hazy Hollow Farm

French Alpine and LaMancha Dairy Goats

Hazy Hollow Farm is a small sustainable farming project located northwest of Springfield, Missouri. Our main focus is our goats. However, we currently have projects working with container gardening, a small fruit tree orchard and various poultry projects. We are currently in the process of changing over our cattle herd from Dexter and Scottish Highland to Belted Galloway cattle.


11/26/18 - Breeding season is officially over here. Hopefully, we can get a list of current breedings listed here. There will be a very limited number of doelings available in the spring. Bucklings will be sold only on pre-order. As man y of you know, we are in the process of reducing the milking herd and gradually increasing the meat  herd. We have bred many of our does to Savannah bucks. We may have some of the crossbred doelings available. 

07/15/18 - We welcome our new buckling - Houligan (1/2 Boer - !/2 Savannah). A meat buck you say? Yes, we have made the decision to reduce the dairy goat herd dramatically. Gail is tired of the long hours of just milking with not much else in her daily routine. The garden, cattle, poultry and other projects were suffering greatly. We will be breeding a few select Alpines and LaManchas to outstanding purebred diary bucks. But, most everything will be either crossbred dairy/meat.

03/27/18 - We currently have a limited quantity of Alpine and LaMancha does and kids for sale.
The entire website is being updated and many links are not working correctly. Please check back if things do not work properly.

We would like to thank the following breeders for their mentoring and support throughout the years:

     Richard & Rica Waldman - Nodaway French Alpines

     Corinne & Phil Cox - Sugar Ridge Alpines

     Sherry Welker - Krishellen LaManchas

     Hazel McTeer - Fancy M Dairy Goats (Deceased)

     Bonnie Derryberry - Try Again French Alpines (Deceased)

The above breeders influenced us a great deal, however, there are many more breeders that went out of their way to help us. We can only hope that we can be a positive influence on others who love their dairy goats.

We would like to give special recognition to Scott Crews - Persimmon Hill. David handed down the Persimmon Hill herd name, which had been with the Crews family for many years. Scott has done an outstanding job of developing a fine herd of purebred Alpines in North Carolina. We are very proud of his accomplishments.